Lifestyle Workshops for Women

Enriched Health Care has a four day lifestyle workshops for women on offer. These workshops are suitable for women who are returning to work/study or who are looking at developing their confidence personal goals and opportunities in life. The lifestyle workshops offer women a safe place to explore a range of topics, meet other women and be part of a vibrant and informative group!

  • Stress Management
  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication skills
  • Physical Activity for health
  • Health eating habits- food for thought
  • Time Management
  • Pilates/Yoga and other exercise classes

This workshop is delivered by Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Counsellors and Psychologists.
What benefits can you expect?

  • Improved participation in Activities of Daily Living.
  • Enhanced awareness and practical implementation of healthy nutrition.
  • Improved ability to make positive life changes.
  • Enhanced management of current physical conditions including musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
  • Improved mental health including increase in self-esteem and motivation along with decreases in stress and anxiety.
  • Enhanced self confidence and practical communication skills.
  • Improved commitment to participation obligations and engagement in future job seeking efforts.

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