Pre-Employment Health Assessments and Functional Assessments

Pre-employment health assessments and functional assessments can assist employers to minimise the risk of injury associated with new employees.

Enriched Health Care provides a comprehensive range of pre employment services that can designed to meet the specific needs of employers whether it be employing a manual worker or corporate executive. 

Enriched Health Care can provide the following pre-employment tests: 

    • Medical History Screening
    • Physiological Assessments (Weight, BMI, HR,BP)
    • ADLs
    • Self-Reported Tolerances
    • Physical Examination  and Musculoskeletal screening
    • Physical Tolerances Assessment
    • Grip Strength
    • Aerobic Fitness
    • Functional Work Abilities
    • Evaluation report detailing outcomes of assessments
    • Instant Drug & Alcohol Screening
    • Hearing Assessments (Audiology)
    • BGL
    • Spirometry
    • Vision
    • Sub Max VO2 cardiovascular test using indirect calorimetery
    • HBA1C for diabetes screening
    • Cholesterol screening
    • Body composition using bio-impedance
    • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS 21)
    • SF36 quality of life survey
    • Gait scan assessments for lower limb dysfunction


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